Ph.έλαιον smoked

Ph.έλαιον smoked
Ph.elaion smoked is a premium product with special gastronomic quality. It elevates the taste of all dishes and excites the palate with a refined spicy note.

Ph.elaion smoked is produced by cold smoking of extra virgin olive oil with natural wood. Smoking takes place by infusion and not burning, with a custom made olive oil smoker that ensures the minimum contact of the olive oil with the smoke, so that the olive oil retains all its quality characteristics while alteration of its properties is prevented.

Smoked, buttery taste, unique aromas with a pleasant spicy note.

Variety: 100% Koroneiki

Category: Extra virgin

Harvest: Early

Milling: Cold

Smoking*: Cold, with infusion not burning, with aromatic natural wood.

Storage: In inox tanks under liquid nitrogen pressure

Bottling: In dark glass bottles with 99% UV protection, so that the light does not affect its quality

* Different kind of wood may be used solely or in combination, according to the desirable aroma and intensity, so that the final product combines perfectly with the dishes prepared.

100% natural with no additives or any artificial ingredients.

Tasting proposals: Add a few drops of Ph.elaion smoked on meat, fish, soups, salads, sauces and marinades and special recipes.

Tip:  Add at the end to fully enjoy its unique aroma and delicate taste.

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