The process

The process

The process

Olive oil has made the Cretan diet stand out and constitute a longevity factor. The phenolic compounds (oleocanthal and eleasin) contained in olive oil lend an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotector and neuroprotector action. Although phenolic compounds exist in olives we they can only be preserved in olive oil under certain circumstances. The whole process of Ph.elaion extraction aims to the high phenolic content.

location  Location

Our olive groves are located in a 50 acres private estate on a mountainous region of Malades. South of Heraklion and the imposing mountain Giouhtas found on the South-West of Knossos.

The soil composition  and the microclimate of that area of Crete with mild winters and hot summer is ideal for olive trees.

tree-with-many-leaves Tree Care

The trees stand there for decades and taken care by the family with love and care for the nature so that the trees, the soil and the environment are not exhausted.

No pesticides are used at the cultivation and soil is treated with respect to ensure that the trees will fruit olives with the best characteristics.

We focus on the preservation of  the biodiversity and the agricultural landscape and the protection of the olive trees themselves.

sprout Harvesting

Early harvest, takes place early in October when olives are still green, unripe, quality is demonstrably better, and retain all special characteristics. As a result, our olive oil has more intense aromas, richer taste and more beneficial nutrients.

Harvesting is performed by careful shacking of branches so that olives are not “hurt”. The olives are transferred to the mill in wide crates, in cooling and ventilated environment, to prevent oxidation.

machine Milling

Our olive mill is located 400 meters away from the olive grove. This ensures quick workflow and continuous feeding of the mill from early morning.

The olives «do not wait» for hours or even days until the whole pick up is complete. The olives are cold pressed under the temperature of 27 °C,  to achieve low acidity and high phenolic index.

The olive oil produced keeps the aromas, the flavors and the high phenolic concentration.

Finally, the environmental footprint of the olive mill is very small since there is no liquid waste while the solid waste can be used in cultivation as soil fertilizer.


Ph.elaion is filtered and stored in oxygen-free, refrigerated tanks in order to preserve the phenolic compounds over time and prevent oxidation.

It is bottled upon demand of the client, to guarantee it will still be extra virgin and high phenolic by the time you buy it.


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