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Τhe first machinery shop in Heraklion was established in 1910 by Choumerianos family. The family constructed generators to cover the need for electricity at villages, olive oil mills and other machinery necessary in agricultural activities. The machinery shop remained there until 1941 when it was destroyed during the Second World War. It reopened in 1945 using as main production material the remaining metals of the war.  Miltos Choumerianos, 3rd generation child started his own business in 1970s and up-to-date he continues the machinery construction with his sons Alexandros and Miltiadis. They are both executives at the business with specialization at design and construction of machinery that offer ecological and cost effective solutions for domestic and industrial use.

Since the 1990s the family owns an agrotouristic unit, that includes olive groves, at the South area of Heraklion. The supply of a small cold press olive oil mill and the first attempt to produce olive oil was in 2016, after visiting exhibitions and museums abroad. Since then ph.elaion is produced yearly.

In 2022, they designed a special olive oil smoker. The machine is sold to olive oil producers but also used by the family to produce their own special smoked olive oil, ph.elaion the smoked series.

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The olive oil and the occupation with olive cultivation is a part of the Greek life, culture and civilization. Olive oil has made the Cretan diet stand out and constitute a longevity factor. At the educational exhibition ENERGY- ENVIRONMENT (www.aktisaeliou.com), owned by our family, we present a program about olive oil “MADE IN CRETE” to students and visitors from all over the world. It is crucial for producers and consumers to understand that that the high quality olive oil is produced only with the right practices and the knowledge of science. Book ahead and we will bring you in touch with olive oil production and the nutritional benefits of the “liquid gold”.

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