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How everything started

Τhe first machinery shop in Heraklion was established at the beginning of last century (1910) by Choumerianos family. Using basic technical means and tools the family constructed generators in order to cover the need for electricity at villages, olive oil mills and other machinery necessary in agricultural activities. The machinery shop remained there until 1941 when it was destroyed during the Second World War. It reopened  at a close area in 1945 using the tools and remaining metals of the war as main production material.

Miltos Choumerianos, 3 rd generation child started his own business in 1970s and up-to-date he continues the machinery construction with his sons Alexandros and Miltiadis. They are both executives at the business with specialization at design and construction of machinery that offer ecological and cost effective solutions for domestic and industrial use. Traveling abroad, attending exhibitions and visiting museums brought the family close to new technologies in olive oil production based on the knowledge of the past. The supply of a small cold press olive oil mill and the first attempt to produce olive oil was in 2016. After 2 years of intensive occupation with the cultivation, collection of olives and olive oil production since 2018 the final product ph.έλαιον (ph.elaion) consists an olive oil of higher quality than the average of international samplings.

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Olive Oil


Olive oil has made the Cretan diet stand out and constitute a longevity factor. More specifically, the phenolic compounds oleocanthal and elaiasin contained in olive oil lend an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotector and neuroprotector action. Although phenolic compounds exist in olives we they can only be preserved in olive oil under certain circumstances. The quality of olive oil depends on many different parameters. The variety, the geographical   location of the trees, the climate and the soil, the cultivation practices, the season of collection, the way of collection and transfer as well as the time until processing. Especially the last step of processing is particularly important and the way of olive oil extraction is determinant of quality.

Nutrition Declaration

The name

ph.έλαιον (ph.elaion) was named after the Greek letter “Φ” (Phi) and the ancient Greek word “έλαιον” (elaion) that means the fatty liquid that is obtained by pressed olives. The letter “Φ” is distinct at the logo to remind the high content in phenols, that have antioxidant and pharmaceutical action. The green hexagon ring with the “O” inside with the green line attached to it represent the chemical structure of a phenol ie. the benzene and the –OH group characteristic of phenols.


ph.έλαιον is a cold pressed olive oil, produced with an olive mill located in a special designed area 400 meters away from the olive grove, so there is no delay in processing. The first olives are collected in the morning and the first olive oil is produced within an hour while continuous feeding of the mill ensures that the olives «do not wait» for hours or even days until the whole pick up is completed. Therefore, low acidity is partially achieved. However, low acidity, is not always equivalent to good quality, therefore the second advantage is that the olives are cold pressed under the temperature of 27 °C. Hence, the olive oil produced keeps the aromas, the flavors and the high phenolic concentration. Finally, the environmental footprint of the olive mill is very small since there is no liquid waste while the solid waste can be used in cultivation as soil fertilizer.

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